Balancing the Budget: Outsourcing Business ServicesBalancing the Budget: Outsourcing Business Services

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Balancing the Budget: Outsourcing Business Services

My company is now over a decade old and I still outsource several key functions. It isn't that I can't afford to keep them in house. It is just that outsourcing is the most financially responsible decision I can make. I outsource all sorts of support services. One company manages my IT needs. Another partner takes care of the payroll and remitting taxes. I even have a cleaning service that comes in at night, does the windows, and in general keeps everything spotless. If you think outsourcing might benefit your business, let's talk. I'll tell you what I outsource and why. From there, you can decide if my strategy would also work for you.

Rent A Tent And Other Trade Show Tips

Got a trade show coming up? Rent a tent or awning to keep your booth looking more aesthetically-pleasing and professional. Event rental businesses will have a wide-range of sizes and styles, so call to reserve yours today. Some other trade show tips include:

Use social media. Don't have much of an advertising budget? Don't worry; use social media to get the word out about your appearance at the trade show. Hint at prizes, savings, or gifts to encourage people to check out your booth.

Get the right people involved. A trade show is not the time to put inexperienced or new staff in charge of your booth; after all, your display is representing your company to the consumers. Make sure that the folks working the booth are informed, courteous, and engaging to put your company in the best light possible.

Be generous. Don't be stingy when it comes to buying and disseminating promotional products at the event; visitors expect things like buttons, t-shirts, and tchotchkes when attending trade shows. Remember that all of the other vendors are also giving out items, so make sure to order something clever or fetching to stand out and be generous.

Make it fun.  Another way to keep people interested in what you are promoting is with fun costumes.  Have enthusiastic staff dress-up in costumes for photos, games, or promotion at the trade show. Most party rental businesses offer costume rentals that work well for such events.

Everyone likes to win. Budget an alluring door prize to encourage visitors to leave their contact information. This provides you with the chance to follow-up later, regarding the product or service that you sell. Don't skimp; the better the prize, the more attention you will get.

Follow-up after the event. Reach out to the people that showed interest in your booth, product, or service during the trade show. Since some people may be put-off by being asked for contact information, use more subtle tactics such as a fish-bowl for business cards or a sign-up sheet for more information. Make sure to contact these potential leads soon after, which will ensure that they remember you and what you do.

The details matter at a trade show; make sure your booth is welcoming and professional-looking. Consider this advice when planning and appearing at trade show events to ensure good exposure and a successful turn-out. Call early and plan, using these tips, to have your most successful trade show appearance ever!  Contact a company, like American Tent & Awning Co Inc, for more help.