Balancing the Budget: Outsourcing Business ServicesBalancing the Budget: Outsourcing Business Services

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Balancing the Budget: Outsourcing Business Services

My company is now over a decade old and I still outsource several key functions. It isn't that I can't afford to keep them in house. It is just that outsourcing is the most financially responsible decision I can make. I outsource all sorts of support services. One company manages my IT needs. Another partner takes care of the payroll and remitting taxes. I even have a cleaning service that comes in at night, does the windows, and in general keeps everything spotless. If you think outsourcing might benefit your business, let's talk. I'll tell you what I outsource and why. From there, you can decide if my strategy would also work for you.

3 Tips For Using Folding Carton Boxes For Shipping Out Your Beauty Products

If you are involved in the beauty business, then you might be looking for the perfect packaging to use when sending products to your customers. Folding carton boxes make great packaging for sending out beauty products; if you choose the right material and order from the right company, for example, you should not have to worry about them not being sturdy enough. 

1. Make Sure They're the Right Size

For one thing, put some thought into picking out and ordering folding carton boxes that are the appropriate size. If you have a large product line or if you frequently ship out orders of different sizes, then you may want to order boxes of a few different sizes. Folding carton boxes that are appropriately sized for the products that you are sending out will help you keep shipping costs down, will help you avoid contributing to unnecessary waste, and will also help you make sure that the beauty products that you are sending out are properly protected. Fortunately, most companies that sell folding carton boxes offer various standard sizes and will make them in different custom sizes for their customers.

2. Pick a Great Design

Regular brown or white folding carton boxes will work just fine for shipping out your beauty products, but this doesn't mean that you should stick with the plain packaging that is available. Instead, consider working with a company that makes custom packaging so that you can come up with your own design. Sending out boxes in fun colors and patterns is a great way to promote your beauty business as being fun and trendy, and it'll help your customers feel even more excited about the products that they receive in the mail. You can even add your logo to your packaging for branding purposes.

3. Add Extra Touches

If you take your time choosing the right design for your folding carton boxes, then you will probably be pretty happy with them. However, this doesn't mean that you shouldn't look for little extra touches before sending out products to your customers. Adding a nice sticker as a seal instead of using plain tape and opting for decorative address labels are just two extra touches that you can add if you would like for your beauty product packaging to look its best.

Ordering folding carton boxes for shipping out your beauty products is a smart idea, and you can make sure that you place the best order and send out the best packaging by following the three tips above.