Balancing the Budget: Outsourcing Business ServicesBalancing the Budget: Outsourcing Business Services

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Balancing the Budget: Outsourcing Business Services

My company is now over a decade old and I still outsource several key functions. It isn't that I can't afford to keep them in house. It is just that outsourcing is the most financially responsible decision I can make. I outsource all sorts of support services. One company manages my IT needs. Another partner takes care of the payroll and remitting taxes. I even have a cleaning service that comes in at night, does the windows, and in general keeps everything spotless. If you think outsourcing might benefit your business, let's talk. I'll tell you what I outsource and why. From there, you can decide if my strategy would also work for you.

Equality In The Workplace And The Opportunity To Earn More

Equality in the workplace may be a concern of many of your employees, and you should ensure that everyone is being paid fairly, regardless of their gender. If your workforce used to consist of solely men and several women have been welcomed aboard in the last year or so, conducting assessments and one-on-one sessions that are designed to promote personal growth will aid in maintaining a productive atmosphere.

Analyze Salaries And Use Gender Pay Software

Gender pay gap software will help you pinpoint discrepancies in the amounts that you are paying your staff members. If some people have been employed with you for several years, they have a right to earn more money, but if a new employee is handling the exact same tasks as someone with seniority and is being paid significantly less, an adjustment should be made. Before using gender pay gap software, complete a former and current pay analysis.

For instance, if you hired someone several years ago and they made minimum wage and slowly worked their way up the ranks, you will need to determine if their raises have been sufficient and if they are making a comparable amount to someone who has recently started or who has been employed for one year. Maybe a newer worker started out at minimum wage, but wasn't given timely raises.

If the person who is being shortchanged is a woman and the man has been receiving steady pay increases, it is time to make some changes so that both people will be paid fairly for their services. A gender pay gap software program will allow you to compare wages based upon skill level, gender, and length of time within your company. After conducting an analysis and a comparison, you can revamp your pay system if needed so you do not incur pay issues with future employees. 

Offer More Opportunities

A person who is offered an entry-level job may feel discouraged or could have resigned themselves to the fact that they will always be responsible for the same set of tasks. Every single person, whether male or female, deserves the opportunity to grow within the company.

One-on-one meetings, which are designed to discuss a person's skill level, their current pay rate, any pay adjustments that will be made, and additional opportunities to take on more tasks and be paid a better salary will help your employees discover their skill sets and strive toward becoming a more valuable team member.